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28th March 1994 (or there abouts)

Hello the name's Max or Maximum don't wear it out. I am 18.

I found this site called Tumblr and since Fang has a blog why can't I? I am 2% Bird or avian, falcon or hawk DNA and 98% human, which means I have wings, how I got to be like this my DNA got spliced when I was a baby maybe younger my wings are brown and white with tan specks, pretty I know.

I was sent to a lab me and the Flock get it because we're part bird yeah yeah whatever. The school with the damn white coats who are bastards, scratch that sadistic bastards. Since me and the Flock left the School we have been on the run it has been one hell of a journey. Hold on it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I am away from the Flock permanently I am no longer with them I wanted to be by myself for awhile and found I enjoyed it, I see them from time to time we're still pleasant to each other even if they ask me to come back.





Max had been settling down for the night, she heard a crash and looking around the apartment she had managed to nab. “Hello?” She sensed someone behind her turning around she saw nothing feeling a unbearable pain her world went white.

Max felt herself being dragged along the floor before placed on a cold slab her head was throbbing she tried to keep as still as she could as she surveyed where she was. I think I’m in a park somewhere. Her blood ran cold as she heard chanting, aw fuck am I going to become a sacrifice 

She opened her eyes hearing growls and a man’s voice the same one she remembered speaking to her on the beach that one night. she looked over and was sure that it was him even with her vision being blurry, with the drugs they seemed to have pumped through her system causing her to fall unconscious once again.


In her barely awake state, the impatient and slavering maws of the beastmen snapped at her, ivory jaws that manifested in the darkness, coming ever closer.


Yet, no matter how close they came, even she smelled the carrion scent of their teeth, nor the spittle from their wagging tongues, they never bit into her, satisfying their hunger.

They were not permitted.

Finally, the nightmare began to fade, and a firm grip shook her shoulder.

"Kid, I need you to wake up. Can you hear me?"

An vaguely voice asked, deep with the scratchy tone familliar to those whose had smoked far too many cigarettes in their lives.

She backed away from the jaws as quickly as possible in her barely awake state. Leading her to fall off the slab her body felt heavy as Max felt a hand grasp her shoulder no no no no leave me alone you bastard Whitecoat! Max bit the hand hoping to draw blood in her dazed state she assumed the person grabbing her was a Whitecoat ready to take more blood or experiment on her further. 

She let go of the hand she got up on wobbly legs she ran a short distance seeing a bench close to where she was hid behind it hearing the howls of presumably Erasers.

Anonymous asked

(( I remember when I saw this I was like “B+? For what?” then I looked at my posts and realized what it was for.))

"Um….thanks whoever you are." Max blinked in confusion at the greyface.

Rate my character of their attractiveness :

A+: Flawless/Sexy
A-: Gorgeous/Hot
B+: Beautiful/Handsome
B-: Pretty/Cute
C+: Cute/Decent
C-: Decent/Okay
D+: Okay/Umm…
D-: Ugly
F: Horrid

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